Thunderbird Plumbing treats every job we undertake as a top priority. Superb craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service is our commitment to you. We operate our business on the principle of providing high quality work at fair rates in a timely manner.

We know that satisfied customers are our best advertising and we set out every day to deliver the very best professional plumbing services available in Victoria and throughout Vancouver Island.


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Why choose Thunderbird?

         Fair prices

We will always offer full breakdown of labour and material cost on our invoices. Any additional cost on any given estimates will be discussed with the customer before any task is carried out.

Reliable Service & Repairs        

Thunderbird uses the highest quality tools and materials when performing tasks followed by thorough testing to provide our customers peace of mind.

Honest advice

We will inform you of all manufacturer-recommended services, needed repairs, and ways to prevent future call outs.

Warranty & Guarantee Options

Thunderbird Plumbing fully warrants its professional services and fixture installations.   

Above & Beyond Service

We are committed to responsible environmental practices and unparalleled customer service.

Our Plumbing Services include:

  • Renovations

  • Water Main Service & Upgrades

  • Water Leaks & Under Slab Leaks

  • Re-Pipes

  • Gas Fitting

  • Backwater Valves Installation

  • Backflow Installation

  • Drain Snaking & Scoping

  • Laundry Shut Offs

  • Installation & Repair:

·      Toilets, Bidets & Urinals

·      Sinks & Faucets

·      Bath Tubs & Showers

·      Dishwashers

·      Garbage Disposals

·      Water Heaters

·      Tankless Water Heaters

·      Hose Bibs

·      Vacuum Breakers

·      Sump Pumps

·      Sewer Drains

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Blocked Drains 

Whether it is a blocked toilet, basin, shower, drain, sewer or stormwater, Thunderbird Plumbing has the solution.

Rotary Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Used to successfully de-scale corroded cast iron drains and stack pipes as well as remove tree root ingress from any material of pipe. A continuous spring with a cutting attachment is fed through the drain easily negotiating bends to cut or displace deposits and restore the drain or pipes full diameter. Rotary Mechanical drain cleaning techniques can also be carried out from a vent stack or toilet drain if there is no alternative access to a problem underground drain.


Video camera in-line inspection

Determine the nature of the problem(s) and/or the sewer condition, which cannot be confirmed by snaking or rootering on its own. Camera inspections are a excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions or potential impediments to the proper flow of drainage, including roots, broken tiles, inline traps, negative sloping pipe sagging, offset joints, pipe cracks and sludge buildup.

Aaron DeCiantis, Owner

Aaron received his Plumbing Trades Qualification from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He has over 10 years of plumbing experience in residential and commercial service and construction work. Aaron recently moved to Victoria from Vancouver to raise his family and to continue to build his business.

His mandate is to provide quality workmanship and build great relationships with his clients in order to meet their needs over the short and long term. Aaron’s high level of care when addressing complex projects allows him to efficiently assess, plan and manage a variety of jobs. Helping people is truly what Aaron likes most about his job and he prides himself in completing every project with the total satisfaction of our clients.

Aaron understands the technology in his industry is constantly evolving, so he continually focuses on updating his skill set to ensure he is always trained to the highest standards. He has earned a second Red Seal in industrial steam fitting; as well, he holds his Gas B License and Gas Contractors License.